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Examine the fundus oculi

The examination of the ocular fundus is an important diagnostic procedure. With this examination many eye diseases can be detected at an early stage. Serious illness can be treated early and the...

Examine intraocular pressure

During the preventive examination for glaucoma, the measurement of intraocular pressure (tonometry) is used to assess the optic disc. The examination can determine whether the intraocular pressure has risen and suspect...

Examine the optic nerve

A healthy optic disc bulges slightly inward. The optic nerve transmits our sensory impressions from the eye to the brain. Vessels supplying the retina run through its centre. The optic disc, or papilla, is the term used to describe...

Why good vision is so important

If one sense fails, the other senses must take over its work additionally. The eyes play a special role. The human senses are the contact to the environment. The human brain channels the fireworks of neurons...

Where Children like to come to the Eye Doctor

A modern ophthalmological practice in Wollishofen is dedicated to the well-being of the little patients. The children are included in the examination and thus motivated to participate. On this Thursday afternoon, the bright and spacious...

Investigate the visual field

The visual field determination is mainly used for early detection of glaucoma. The examination of the visual field (perimetry) involves examining the outer and inner limits of the visual field and the sensitivity of the visual function...

Slow down presbyopia with glasses?

No. Presbyopia is caused by the normal aging process of the lens. It becomes more and more rigid and thus the ability to see well nearby is lost. This process cannot be influenced by the glasses. You get used to...

To an ophthalmologist for eye flashes?

In children it is extremely important to detect vision problems in time and to treat them correctly. The brain learns to see in the first years of life. Problems that are not addressed by the time you start school can lead to significant...


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